Amur (Far Eastern) leopard lives in the Far East. This animal lives primarily in Taiga forests, especially in no man’s lands. It lives where the cloven-hoofed animals prefer to live, which are the main food of the leopard.

If we’re talking about the states – this territory is located at the intersection of three countries: Russia, China and North Korea.

In North Korea, there is no food base for the existence of the Amur leopard. And in China, there have been recorded only ten animals. We would love to hope that they are still alive.

It is unlikely that the leopard continues to maintain its habitat in any other countries but Russia.

In Russia, the Amur leopard lives primarily in the National Park “The Land of the Leopard”, which the scientists tried to arrangein such a way as to “cover” the remaining natural habitat of leopard as much as possible.

The area of ​​the Far Eastern leopard

The area of ​​the Far Eastern leopard / Presentation “Study and Conservation of the big cats in Russia” (2014) / IEE


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