The so-called “White Nights” is a period when the sun does not go under the horizon deep enough for the sky to get dark: the dusk meets the dawn. If you lucky you can even read a newspaper without artificial light outside. Officially the real White Nights last from June 11 to July 2.

It means that in general they last for three weeks. But in reality on a clear day you can get a feel for a White Night even from late May to mid-July.


White Nights in St. Petersburg

Only in St Petersburg these nights got such a poetic acclaim. Many young people and Lots of people who are interested in art, cultures don’t go to bed then. At this time there are lots of cultural events, exhibitions etc in the city. All these activities give St. Petersburg a special touch.

Tourists from practically all countries are trying to visit St. Petersburg when White Nights occur there. All day you can go sightseeing and at night you can walk along the banks of the city’s rivers and canals hand in hand.

What could be more romantic when night is as bright as early evening?

Every year there are days when St Petersburg is full of tourists when White Nights occur.

That is why you should book a hotel in advance if you are about to St. Petersburg then.

For you we prepared different categories of hotels: full service (4-5 stars), select service (3 stars) and limited service (economy e.g. hostels). In each group we give you 3 variants of hotels for your choose. Having done this list of hotels, we addressed tourists’ reviews – who were staying in hotels of St. Petersburg.

Here is a list of compiled hotels from St. Petersburg that can help you choose the one in line with your purpose.

  • Full service hotels in Saint Petersburg (link)
  • Hotels in Saint Petersburg (link)
  • Economy hotels in Saint Petersburg (link)


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