Who started the Vietnam war – the answer will shock you.

At the end of the 19thcentury Vietnam became a French colony. In 1930s a national liberation movement appeared in Vietnam, the goal of which was independence of Vietnam from France. During the World War II Japan occupied Vietnam forcing the French colonial troopsto surrender.

Vietnamese in exile formed the core of the resistance movement under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, and from the territory of China with the support of the United States fought againstthe Japanese.

After the war with Japan ended in September of 1945, the Provisional Government of Vietnam, led by Ho Chi Minh got rid of the remnants of colonial regime and proclaimed the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

However, France was not ready to give up the former colony, and with the support of the United States started the war with the liberation movement of Vietnam.

An important fact, which we will discuss below: at the end of the war the United States in various forms financed up to 80% of France’s costs related to Vietnam.

A long war ended with a complete defeat of France in 1954, and the division of Vietnam into two parts – North Vietnam and South Vietnam (the Geneva Accords. USA did not signthe documents).

Democracy of South Vietnam

Almost immediately after the division of Vietnam, France washed its hands and offered independenceto South Vietnam. Now the United States got directly involved with South Vietnam and immediately put at the head of it a puppet government.

The self-proclaimed President immediately began acting as ordinary dictator –he put his relatives in key positions, he robbed the country and prevented any expressions of dissent and resistance. Dictators exchanged a few time, but the form of ruling – tyranny – remained.

Pretty quickly discontent of the people in South Vietnam translated into a guerrilla war. From the United States it created the need to enhance the military forces of tyranny with soldiers and weapons from the United States.

But the fight against tyranny only got stronger.

Who Started the Vietnam War – the United States Internal Situation

It is no secret that American politics is ruled by military corporations. The size of the US budget share for direct military spending (as a percentage of GDP) cannot compete with a single country in the world. This does not even include indirect costs and classified costs for the “defense”.

In order for military capital in the United States to keep making money, wars should be conducted non-stop.

The situation in Vietnam was developing by a favorable scenario for military capitalists: the contingent of the US Army was increased from 760 in 1959 to 23,300 in 1964 (and, accordingly, the weapons also increased by many times).

But it was not enough.

John F. Kennedy, who was planning a peaceful settlement of the situation in Vietnam, stepped on the swansong of militarists and was killed (very professionally, with no traces left).

His successor, Lyndon Johnson, was planning to quickly make peace in Vietnam. To achieve that, the first thing he did was … reinforcing the contingent of American troops in Vietnam.

But guerrilla war did not bring substantial income, there had to be a large-scale war.

Who Started the Vietnam War – a Fake Incident

The U.S. aircraft carrier Ticonderoga ( while operating off the coast of Vietnam)

The U.S. aircraft carrier Ticonderoga ( while operating off the coast of Vietnam) / Official U.S. Navy

20th century went down in history not only as the bloodiest, but also as a “civilized century.” That is, it used to be that wars began and ended at any time, started by anyone. However, in the 20th century politicians sought pretexts for wars. And since there was a real shortage of real pretexts, they were made up.

On August 4, 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin (North Vietnam) two American destroyers were fired at. [On August 2 in the same area there has been an incident with Vietnamese boats that went towards the destroyers, which entered the territorial waters of North Vietnam. And one of the boats had even been sunk.]

The crews of destroyers soon announced the “mistake” with regards to the incident of 4 August, but top officials ignored it, because they needed a pretext for aggression.

President Lyndon Johnson ordered to begin bombing of North Vietnam.

The Vietnam War, which led to an inglorious defeat of the United States, began.

The Vietnam War, a dramatic period of the Cold War, in Vietnam is called “American” or “Liberation” War.


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