The main participating countries.

Who Was Involved in the Vietnam War on the Side of South Vietnam

Besides the troops from South Vietnam, the main participant in the battles (on the ground and in the air) – was the army of the United States. The US losses were at least 58 000 people. And no less than 300 000 people got wounded. At one point in Vietnam there were 540,000 American soldiers.

“The United States are responsible for the use of force and, as a consequence, for the crime of aggression, the crimeagainst peace …. According to some reliable American sources from the beginning of the war 250,000 children were killed”

The Russell Tribunal on war crimes committed in Vietnam

According to some researchers (which is vehemently refuted by official authorities), about 100,000 Americans of those who were in the Vietnam War later committed suicide: “peaceful life at home”, then “the severity, horrors and crimes of war, but why”, then – “hate to those who returned from the war “- the result was predictable.

An active participant – the army of South Korea. It is believed that at least 300 000 people went through the crucible of war, of which at least 5000 died.

Australia and New Zealand also sent their troops to Vietnam. In the course of the war more than 500 Australians and New Zealanders died.

Who Was Involved in the Vietnam War on the Side of North Vietnam

In addition to the troops of North Vietnam, specialists from the USSR took part in the war.

In addition to protection from the aggression, the reason for Soviet assistance to Vietnam in the war was the use by the United States against Vietnam of chemical weapons, napalm bombs, ammunition, with the effect of surround explosion, herbicides and defoliants.

[A short digression. Officially the war ended in 1973, but to this day UXO still explode claiming hundreds of lives each year (Vietnam, Laos), and still continue to be born babies with genetic mutations. It’s really scary and it is true about the explosions (my trip to Laos in the summer of 2014) and about the mutations, for example, I saw a six-fingered young man (Vietnam, February 2014).]

There were only a few thousandSoviet specialists. Their main objective was training the Vietnamese military. The task was successfully accomplished. They managed to compress a normal one-year training course into 2 months.

In addition, the objective of the USSR was to organize air cover. To do that, the USSR supplied North Vietnam with a necessary amount of air defense systems, such as mobile anti-aircraft missile systems S-75 “Dvina” (SA-2 Guideline), as well as the latest Soviet-made aircrafts, such as MiG-21. Especially for Vietnam were designed and manufactured man-portable air defense systems.

Photo Officer corps and starting calculationsOfficer corps and starting calculations / Interregional public organization of veterans of the Vietnam War (Russia)

The results were fast. According to various estimates, the United States losses accounted for 3,300 to 4,000 airplanes and at least 5,000 helicopters.

Of course, the Soviet ground weaponsincluding the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle which is unmatched in jungle conditions were also supplied to Vietnam.

Despite the widespread belief that the Soviet soldiers participated in combat missions or land battles, it is a myth. This can be proved by the number of Soviet specialists who were lost in all the years of the war (including diseases) – 13 people.

Photo Soviet military specialists in Vietnam during the war and Vietnamese childrenSoviet military specialists in Vietnam during the war and Vietnamese children / Interregional public organization of veterans of the Vietnam War (Russia)

Considerable assistance came from China – financial, materials, providing transport facilities for the transportation of goods from the USSR.

On the side of North Vietnam also pilots from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(on Soviet aircrafts)participated.

Also some other countries (to a lesser extent) took part in the war on both sides.


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